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what the press had to say about Titanic's production of "Why Torture is Wrong, and the People Who Love Them"

"With ongoing debates about drones, prisoner interrogations, immigration reform and gun control, "Why Torture Is Wrong, and the People Who Love Them" proves timelier than ever. Thanks to Zahler and Titanic Theatre, Durang's painfully accurate observations make for delightfully unconventional summer fare."
— Jules Becker, Worcester Telegram & Gazette

"Titanic Theatre Company's raucous production is full of barbs aimed at our national obsession with the 'War on Terror.'"
— Beverly Creasey, Boston Arts Review

"Espionage with terrifying results, terrorist threats, either at the homeland or abroad, are no laughing matter — unless you're seeing Titanic Theatre Company's production of this outrageous two-act farce. The characters bear their own brand of insanity and hysteria, which Director Adam Zahler and his wacky cast explore and expose to the hilt."
— Sheila Barth, The Revere Journal

"The performance presented by Titanic Theatre Company is flawless… This tight cast made the erratic actions of Torture is Wrong believable and its demented characters lovable."
— Kitty Drexel, New England Theatre Geek

"If the title doesn't tip you off, it will only take a few minutes of watching the play to know that you're in for a wild ride in the Titanic Theatre Company's production of Christopher Durang's Why Torture is Wrong, and the People Who Love Them."
— Nancy Grossman, Broadway World


what the press had to say about Titanic's production of "The Third Story:"


Metro Boston

by Nick Dussault
August 16, 2012

"In lesser hands, camp and kitsch could easily dominate the production, but fledgling Titanic Theatre Company has found the perfect formula for capturing Busch's madcap magic."

"The abundance of humor in this production comes as a byproduct of the talented troupe resisting the temptation to go for the laughs. Thankfully, they know enough to let the brilliantly funny Busch do the comedic heavy lifting."


Edge Boston

by Kilian Melloy
August 17, 2012

"The brand new Titanic Theatre Company, dedicated to 'putting up bold, dangerous, pointy-edged contemporary shows,' is off to a bold and stylish start with its production of Charles Busch's "The Third Story."

"'Maybe 'launching' isn't the best word for a company that calls itself 'Titanic,' " the program notes fret. No worries there: Titanic Theatre Company has only to maintain course and it should be smooth sailing ahead."


Boston Arts Review

by Beverly Creasey
August 10, 2012

"The Titanic Theatre Company debuted with Charles Busch's THE THIRD STORY, a raucous romp brimming with double entendre, double agents and body doubles, not to mention double dealing and double talk. Would you expect anything else from a Charles Busch show?"

"Director Adam Zahler teases out every bit of comedy there is in Busch's hilariously lame script. It's not easy to write over-the-top dialogue which floats from laugh to laugh (and never lands with a thud). What a cast Zahler has to make merry with! Dying is easy, as the old saw goes. Comedy is hard. There's not a wink out of place or a sideways glance thrown asunder."


Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene

by Tom Daley
August 12, 2012

"After asking us to turn off our cell phones before the show, the sound director of Titanic Theatre Company's production of Charles Busch's The Third Story warned us that there would be gunshots and strobe lights in the play. He didn't warn us that we would spend the rest of the evening with our mouths half-open in astonishment. I never knew exactly whether to laugh or scream in appreciation of the finesse with which this story within a story within a story catapults into the stratosphere of camp and then parachutes back to the tragicomic earth of human (and inhuman) relations—especially the relationship between child and parent, between invention and inventor, between creation and creator, and between original and copy. Everything moved with such speed and finesse that I am still suffering a bit of whiplash from it all."