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Meredith Saran: Cass
Johnnie McQuarley: Kip
Alisha Jansky:* Lois
Laurie Singletary: Karla
Damon Singletary: Glenn
Matthew Zahnzinger: Cap'n Mike
Alissa Cordeiro: Janie

production staff

Adam Zahler:** Director
Sarah Megan Kelley: Stage Manager
Alessa Natale: Assistant Stage Manager
Michael Ricca: Producer
Shelley Brown: Producer
Julie Dauber: Costume Designer
Chris Bocchiaro: Lighting Designer
Joshua Kigner: Scenic Designer
David Reiffel: Sound Designer
Jason Margossian: Sound Intern
David Higginbottom: Prop Designer
Tasha K. Matthews: Movement Coordinator

*appears courtesy of Actors' Equity Association
**Stage Directors and Choreographers Society


What the press had to say about Titanic's "Wonder of the World."

"When the marriage counselor, dressed as a clown (Alissa Cordeiro), enters the fray, what started as galloping farce turns into gonzo silliness, complete with gunplay and a therapeutic rendition of "The Newlywed Game."
— Killian Malloy, EDGE Boston

"'Wonder of the World' is the perfect example of a Titanic show: 'Dangerous' and 'pointy-edged,' this show cruises along 'that fine line between comedy and drama.'"
— Michael Cox, EDGE Boston

"There are many memorable moments in this well-written and well-acted production.… The final scene finds Cass and Lois crammed together in the pickle barrel near the head of the falls. It is an appropriate metaphor for the whole evening for up to that point the audience has been experiencing a barrel of laughs."
— Al Chase, White Rhino Report

"The Titanic Theatre Company prides itself on producing bold, cutting edge plays. Naturally playwright David Lindsay-Abaire came to mind. He's equally adept at absurdist humor (like 'Fuddy Meers') as he is with pathos ('The Rabbit Hole'). His wild 'Wonder of the World' (@ Arsenal Arts Center through Aug. 9th) falls into the 'Fuddy Meers' category, with escaping wives, a trailing husband, bumbling private detectives and a plunge over Niagara Falls."
— Beverley Creasey, Boston Arts Review


production photos by Evgenia Eliseeva