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Dan Prior: Jasiu
Will Bowry: Roman, Ladislaw Sadlovski, Sanitation Worker, Leon, Doctor
Matthew Zahnzinger: Wojtek, Priest, Policeman, Mr. O'Flanagan, Kosciusko
Becca A. Lewis: Magda, Portia, Mysterious Woman in Black, Rachel, Miss MacFlanagan, Olga
Janelle Mills: Helen, Zosia, Florist, Enid, Mrs. Flanagan, Nurse, Stewardess

production staff

Sarah Gazdowicz: Director
Alisha Jansky: Assistant Director
Elizabeth Ramirez: Stage Manager
Janelle Mills: Co-Producer
Marc Harpin: Co-Producer
Eric Hamel: Sound Designer
Erica Desautels: Costume Designer
Ian King: Lighting Designer
Rebecca Lehnhoff: Prop and Set Designer
Megan Holl: Wig Designer
Marta Rainer: Dialect Coach
Charles Linshaw: Dialect Coach

What the press had to say about Titanic's "Polish Joke."

"To say that this show was funny would be an understatement, and to say it was hilarious would be a disservice. This show and the cast that comprise it are such a hysterical riot that I had to train myself to control my laughter so that I wouldn’t miss even one of the show’s surplus of witty one-liners."
Travis Manni, NE Theatre Geek

"David Ives’ cautionary comedy about embracing who you are (or suffer the consequences) is getting a crackerjack outing at the Central Sq. Theater. I can’t imagine a better production than the Titanic Theatre Company’s POLISH JOKE."
Beverley Creasey, Boston Arts Review

"'Prior has the sort of face that any comedian would cherish, a wholesome and cheerful face that melts by degrees into abject terror or profound bewilderment."
Killian Malloy, EDGE Boston

"Titanic Theatre Company's current production of "Polish Joke" by David Ives is one of the best ensemble pieces I have seen in a long while.  I have not laughed this hard at the theater in many moons.  But it is not just a comedy.  This show is a poignant and thoughtful commentary on issues of ethnic identity, stereotyping, discrimination and family."
Al Chase, White Rhino Report

production photos by Evgenia Eliseeva